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Deominti takes the essence of your business and delivers it to a whole new level of importance and unrestrained by convention. Our dedicated graphic design team and brand strategists employ extraordinary marketing research skills to create an exceptional uniqueness for your company.

our visual knowledge into graphic
solutions in the designing of logos, marketing collateral, multimedia, presentations, company profiles, indoor and outdoor signage, point of sale materials and much more.

Graphic Design Services in Nairobi

What we offer

Whether your focus is on online marketing or offline advertisement, this is the essential if the business or organization is to succeed. Creative images bring about an effective influence on the viewer’s mind. Not only does this include your brand’s logo, but your flyers, brochures, packaging and an array of other creative instruments.

Deo Minti adds an aesthetic sense to your professional marketing efforts. Whether it is a logo design or a new package design, we can help you with it by delivering the upbeat graphic design services In Kenya in line with your needs.

Corporate Logos

The Branding and Design team at Deo Minti understands the vital role that strong branding plays in promoting your business. We have worked alongside organisations in the recruitment, retail, food and tourism sectors. We have worked in partnership with first-time business owners and sole traders with developing their branding from the ground up. We also have an extensive history of working alongside SMEs who wished to move in a totally different direction with a company rebrand. We also know how important branding is to help set you apart from your competition, generating referrals, helping customers to know what to expect and to connect with them on an emotional level. Using our know-how and creativity, we can provide you with a branding and design strategy which adds long-term value to your business.

Brochures & Flyers

Business brochures


At Deominti you can create durable and impressive banners, as well as fine art prints. Additional finishing options are available, including: reinforced hem for banners, and custom mounting or laminating for art prints. It is vital that large format print jobs be completed to the highest standard, with no room for error.

At Deominti we are offer an array of products to help you market your business or product on a large scale, whilst meeting your deadlines. We work in partnership with you, offering a wide range of large format printing options to help you get your message out there.

Asset Tagging / Staff ID

Asset Tags are the labels that identify the equipment using a unique serial number or a code or a barcode. Asset tagging or asset labeling helps you to manage the physical capital and make it easy to make informed decisions in respect of your physical inventory and asset, whether it be repair or replacement of an asset.
Further, asset tags and asset labels are helpful for tracking and preventing theft to physical assets.

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